Moments Of Glore – Mora Crowned as the Rugby Champions-SLUG 2007

The Rugby team of the university of Moratuwa Crowned as the Champions of Srilanka university games yesterday 29th October at the University of Kelaniya. The match was witnessed by a crowd where the majority was filled by the students of the UOM.

In reaching the finals the MORA team had beaten University of Colomobo in the semifinals which was a breath taking game where the final scores remained 12-5 .

The final started at 4.30 and before long the Pera (University of Peradeniya) Scored a try due to the week defense of the UOM team and it was converted. Before long the MORA team followed two tries but failed to convert them. Before 30 seconds the half time the PERA s were offered a penalty try due to a offense 1 meter of the try line. The scores were leveled at the half time.

The second half started and the MORA took the advantage the crowd support that they received and scored a dream try & converted this. From here on the Pera had a terrible 20 minties where they failed on all occasions in the line outs , Rack & scrams and worst of all passing. With this MORA dominated the game with another try.

The final Score remained 22-10

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