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Carols Rockz UOM

A carol organized by the cathlic students movement of the univeristy of Moratuwa was held yersterday at the JG hall. The objective of this was to cellebrate the crismas & pray for the well being of the unversity. Students of all faculties took part in this event which was held around 6 pm to 7 pm.

The cathelic movement  is a studnet run society which organizes this event every year. The participation of the students was significant and many admired. It was not an exageration to say that students of all reliegons enjoyed this event.

Well done people

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Fit Annual Cricket Tournament

The annual cricket tournament of the Faculty of Information Technology University of Moratuwa was held @ Mora grounds on last Sunday. Fourteen teams from the industry took part while the 12 teams form the faculty joined as well. This year a series of events was organized to celebrate the 7th anniversary of FIT & moving to a new state of art building. A multi religious ceremony , a Perith ceremony & an academic symposium was already conducted. The cricket match was the fourth.

The final event of the celebration will be held on the March 2009 with the exhibition “Unlocking Young Minds”

Suchinti Madame starting the Tounament with a wide ball

Suchinti Madame starting the Tounament with a wide ball

The tropies every one was willing to take home

The tropies every one was willing to take home

Moments ................

Moments …………….


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Mora Rugby – In best of its Times

Mora Rugby team repeated its glorious history by wining the 8th mora Rugby championships yesterday (the 12 of June). The championship was held at Mora grounds and this year Third years coloursman Amila captains the team.

Mora Rugby team defeated the University of Colombo in the cup semi finals and and came to the finals while the ACBT beat APIIT on an evenly contested match. For the Mora team it was a canter till the final. The final was as the same of the last year. The same teams qualified and with memories of last years defeat the ACBT was aiming for something big.

As soon as the match started the ACBT had a try which they failed to convert. But with the crowd behind them and in thier home ground the the men in black had other thoughts. And they made a quick try and conversion followed by another.  at half time it was 12 – 5 mora leading.

The next half stared as the ACBT made few changers in their game plan. And their fly half made a great run where he manged to escape two tackles made a fine try and converted. scores were level again.

Since this happened it was all mora and they took on the attack and finally with 3 minutes to spare the mora scored another try and converted it.  They also continued their journey till the end. Once the final vessel blew up it was all 19 – 12 Mora wining the championship.

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