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Srilanka : In need of a SRILANKAN identity

SiImagence the defeat of the LTTE Sri Lanka as a whole has been looking forward to marching forward. Slowly but swiftly things have started to fall into place. During the ceremonial opening of Parliament on May 19, 2009, President Mahinda Rajapakse declared that the LTTE had been militarily defeated. He further went in to say that “There are only two peoples in this country. One is the people that love this country. The other comprises the small groups that have no love for the land of their birth”. Literally sound, but are the masses ready to accept this. That there are only two groups of people those who love and those who don’t?

In the time of war the frequent attacks of LTTE, how brutal they may have been reminded us, the majority of the Sinhala community, that, there was a small but distinct ill-treated Tamil community and there was a genuine problem of recognition, acceptance of political freedom. Nevertheless, since the defeat of the LTTE the majority of the Sinhalese finds themselves in a dilemma of both satisfaction and insecurity. The suspicion is of a re-occurrence of yet another brutal war or conflict where their claim to the island will be questioned. This attitude is by several factors. The first being the existence of the Sinhalese race, which is mostly limited to the geographical boundaries of Sri Lanka. This adds up to the claim that srilanka belongs to the Sinhalese, the descendants of Vijaya. In addition the population growth of the Sinhalese which is barely 1%, which questions the existence of the race in the coming future. The political turmoil in the south where a family regime rules but not governs the country, plus the known drug kingpins are known associate of leading ministers. The factors as cost of living and lack of opportunities even to best educated has made it even more frustrating for Sinhalese who expected better than the past 30 years.

Against this backdrop we have a new set of problems emerging. The most crucial of all has so far been the religious tensions between the Sinhalese Buddhist and the Muslim community. Why the Muslims but not the Hindus? Theoretically, it should be with the Tamil community. But if someone was willing to remove the Hindu shrines close to Buddhist temples they would end up removing 90% of the Buddhist temples. So why the Muslims? Is the Dambulla incident just one isolated incident?

How much they say about the interaction between the Muslim community and the Sinhalese community amounts to the truth? The truth is far from what is being told! The truth is that the Sinhalese are generally are more open and more harmonic towards the Tamil community even after 30 years of war. Why is that?

The problem is there is a general concern from the Sinhalese and Tamil communities about the population growth of the Muslims as Islam itself influences to have more children. While most of the Sinhalese and Tamil families will settle for two children the Muslim families will have at least four. And the general concern over the years have been that this will change the demographics of the country in the long term. The example form Germany about the Turkish community provides an insight.

In addition most Muslims traditionally are involved in trading while the service sectors of the country are run by the Sinhalese and Tamils. The general perception is the hard earned salaries end up in the hands of Muslims. This has oiled a huge anti-Muslim campaign in the country. Even the fellow Sinhalese who does not accept the dambulla incident willingly participate in these movements. One of the most famous has been not to buy clothes form NO LIMIT an infamous chain garments shop.  The claims of the organizers of these movements have been that these shops hire young Muslim boys but never a Sinhalese or a Tamil. But is always willingly hires young Senegalese and Tamil girls allowing them to meet the Muslim boys and finally wed them and later convert to Islam. One of the other major claims has been that poor Sinhalese and Tamil girls are married by rich Muslims and then converted Islam and become breeding vessels. And the vice versa does merely exists.

As we all know srilanka is a cricket loving nation. During the dark times it was one thing that kept hope for many srilankans. And even the least racist sinhalese is pissed when they see a srilankan born Muslim supporting Pakistan when srilanka is playing against. In the eyes of a Sinhalese just been a Muslim nation seems enough to gain support. If there was something that kept cordiality with the Muslim community this surely blows it away. In addition when the Muslim MP s request for representation quota for the cricket team based on the nationality and requests to practice sharia law in the eastern province these fire up the Sinhalese Buddhist extremism. Even the moderate keeps silence in order to nullify the Islamic influence.

Since the incident of DAMBULLA the writer had a chat with one of my Muslim friends who is no extremist but a faithful follower of Islam. While the discussion went on I asked him whether he see himself first as a srilankan or a Muslim. The obvious answer was a Muslim. Indeed he was proud to say so. And true to be told most Sinhalese see them as Sinhalese Buddhist. Sinhalese believes and are thought that they are the decedents of price Vijaya  who took the kingdom form the Yakkas and the Nagas. And believes king Dutugamunu fought a religious war. To establish the Buddhism and took 500 monks with him in his conquest. Even though this contradicts with the foundation of Buddhism it is accepted. Though the Buddhist teaching says that the soldiers who die in the war does not go to heaven it is believed otherwise by the general Sinhalese Buddhist mindset. Therefore in srilanka the Buddhist monks can gather the masses and more importantly drive them.The alternative history of srilanka says that it was processed by four races. The Yakkas , Nagas, Devas and the Rakshas. And after the Vijaya the king Pandukabaya (437 BC – 367 BC) the true srilankan king established the sihalese race with which was the mixture the four previous races and the new settlers. The truth we never know but it is high time the island nation of srilanka should look for a new Srilankan identity which and accommodate the set of all races while keeping their identities intact. And how we achieve that is one of the biggest challenges which is faced by all srilankans today.

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Sri Lanka in One of its best times

It has been almost six months since the last post. Actually its was some eventful six months where the things changed rapidly.

First the srilankan armed forces completely destroyed the LTTE which was once a remarkable force. And all srilankans  (except for the Tamil diaspora) was jubiliant.

The president offically announced the defeat to LTTE

Then a Proposal to investicate war crimes by the srilankan state was doomed at the UNHRC.

Finally the srilankan president is popular than any other single human bean in the country. And he has grabed the oppertunity to leave srilanka for a better future.

finally the srilankan circket team has qualified for the world 20-20 semi finals.

Yet the real challenges the srilankan state faces remains …………………….

1) 300000 Tamil internally displaced people.

2) 20000 odd familes who have lost there loved ones.

3) the hatered , insecurity faced by the majority of srilankans

4) the barberous activities played by the so called politicians

5) bribary , theft and civil right vialations.

So we have a county in the making. And i guess the sileint majority will have to come forward. And we cant wait till the politicians do things for us. As the entire nation backed the armed struggle the next struggle is must bigger and much wider.

If  the real peace is to be achived srilankans together will have to take an active part in the rebuilding process.

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SriLanka is Hopefull

Once again it is a new year. Its 2009, 9 year after the millennium. And Sri Lanka the Island Nation is hopeful of a year which will bring peace and an end to the 30 years of war. The New year was celebrated in colombo more than ever as the the national forces seized the control of the terrorist held capital Killinochchi in the northern sri Lanka. With this victory the government how holds the key to putting and end to the thirty years of war which has taken lives of many srilankans and affected many.

In the other part of the world the LTTE propaganda machine is at full swing for looking forward for a cease fire. The abductions reported form the country are mostly things pretended and well setup. But on the day after the forces liberating killinochchi some thing else happened. MBC or more widely known as the Sirasa TV was attacked by an unknown set of armed men. The main control room was destroyed. This was a treat to the democracy of the country. The pro – LTTE media is making the maximum usage of the opportunity to lay disgust to the country. Following this the Editor of the Sunday Observer Mr. Lasantha Wicramatunge was murdered with in the range of Colombo.

These two incidents seems some how linked. And we can draw a set of assumption of the people behind this.

1. First the attack on Sirasa could have done by the LTTE – Meaning they wanted to question the democracy and human rights in the country. And they followed the second attack adding insult to the injury.

2. Sirasa set them up. They planned the entire thing to bring the attention to themselves as they were fastly been rejected by the people as they were not giving the significance to the war.

And some on else who had a personal issue with Mr Lasantha Wicramatuge Murdered him. To take advantage of the situation.

3. The government did the both of these incidents as a warning to other media and people.

4. Patriotic people burned sirasa and killed Mr Lasantha Wicramathunge.

Now lets consider these points separately. To analyze the issue separately.

First the LTTE factor. Well the things which have happed is what exactly want the LTTE whants at this point. To prove internationally that the Colombo is not safe and to talk about the human rights violations. As sirasa is one of the most known media stations the target is OK. But can the LTTE carry out such an attack is a question. Certainly they are capable. But couldn’t they use the resources on a more valid military target. Also now it is said that a Kelmo bomb was blown in the main control room. As a general concern its only the ARMY and the LTTE have access to such equipment. The Mafia gangs in srilanka are not known to use them. It have to come form the one of the above parties. And the way Mr Lasantha Wickramatuge was killed seemed to be done by professional killers. So we cant ignore the fact that the LTTE may have a paw on this.

Next sirasa doing this for themselves . Well its very possible. They get paid form the insurance company. Get the public attention which is vital for a media cooperation. But that leaves one blank. The killing of the journalist. Will they do that. What if it was caught. Well seems not right. But what if some one else did the killing to gain more significance. Like the LTTE. It gives a big boost to the story at this particular time. Very realistic.

Thirdly the Government factor. Its a known fact that minster Dr Mervin Silva is having problems with sirasa lately. So there is a possibility of his gain. In the other hand opposition leader Mr Ranil Wicramashighe saya Mr Lasantha was going to reveal a cabinet secret. Well the government may have all the resources to carry out this attack, but the question is will they take that risk. This type of attacks always questions the security and the rights of the country. And the government was accused lately for human rights violations. And this is time the government is in a victorious occasion. Wining the war and giving grants to the community. Suppose they did it. What if it was revealed. The disgust and the humiliation is huge. So these facts logically proves that the government wont need its hand on this shit.

Finally the patriotic people did this. Yakk that the most idiotic thing to think. Now the srilankans are wiser. Its not 1983. People love there country but not in a foolish manner.

So the logical reasoning leads only for two possible cases. Thats where the highest probability is. LTTEs involvement in either in one of these occasions are quite high. And sirasas involvement is also questionable. The government can prove it self of its true contribution to the law and humanity if it can get to the bottom of either one of these incidents as unarguably the other will be revealed. The time is counting in the ISLAND nation.

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The Edge between antiwar campaigns and LTTTE propaganda campaign

Srilanka the island nation is in one of the most critical times in known history. There are signs the government forces is nailing the coffin of LTTE once a powerful outfit. Due to the evident succession in the eastern province the government of Srilanka has launched a full scale war against the LTTE in the north. The objective of this mission is to liberate the un-liberated areas in the Northern Province in the country from the shadow government of the LTTE. The current status of the war favors the Srilankan forces where they have 8 divisions surrounding the LTTE held territory while 4 divisions are just few kilometers behind kilinochchi: the administration hub of the LTTE outfit. Considering the speed of the advancement of the army it seems only a matter of time before the Killinochi falls making an evident gain in the offensive. The capturing of this town along aside with Mullativ will mark a physiological setback for the Tigers.

The LTTE strategy to face this situation was to defend their lines and force the international community (especially to India & Tamilnadu). One his heroes day speech the spireturak leader of the outfit V. Prabakaran has urged India to take part in the issue and arrange an end to the ongoing war ( India is our friend, we are not against any country, remove the hindrance of ban)”

But the situation of India has changed dramatically with the series of attacks launched at the commercial hub Mumbai by a terrorist organization. The political analyzers predict a dramatic change in India s involvement towards the war against the Terrorism. India which has already extended the ban of LTTE for 2 more years will not want its hand in a war between a terror organization and a neighboring country.

As the foreign involvement form far form coming the only chance for LTTEs survival last on the fact to convince the international community on human rights violations. And due to the suicidal attacks took place the security forces takes no chances. Every one is checked and suspected. And not often the freedom is experienced in srilanka due to heavy search operations. The majority of the community accepts this though it has a significant effect on their life. Only a very few criticizes the government for doing so. The LTTE propaganda machine often reports abductions of a white man. But most of the abducted people are found on the foreign countries after a while.

It is a known fact that more than 300,000 people are abounded with the war in the north. And the NGO are making a big noise for a cease fire. But what they forget is the LTTE is not letting them to cross over to government controlled areas. The civilians are kept by force as a defense shield. Its not an exaggeration to say that the LTTE has build most of their new camps with in the camps of the IDPs. This protects them form long range artilleries and aerial attacks. This is a part of LTTEs strategy.

If the LTTE could be forced to let the IDPS leave that leave only the two sides in the battle field. But the LTTE doesnt want to that to happen which will make them volatile for Arial attacks and artilleries.

With the above facts it’s easy to identify the an anti war campaign at this time is doing exactly the what the terrorist wants. So though the anti war campaign is not an LTTE propaganda campaign what happens is that they become evident for what the terrorist demands. So some times you have to select the solution which may not seem the more benevolent for the goodness of a larger quantity.

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LTTE :The Usage of Light aircrafts effectively

With the Srilankan army advancing further into the tiger heartland their have been the concern how far can the terrorist put on the stiff resistance they manged int he last few weeks. And they have had to turn their eyes and year to new tactics that can boost the moral of their carders.

In last few days much few attacks the LTTE tried failed miserably which contains the attack on cargo ships and the areal attack on Colombo. And in the last few months it was highlighted that the LTTE is turning their attention towards the aerial attacks with their lite aircrafts.

The Lttes air wing is equipped with at least 5 check made zlin 143 aircrafts.

Orginal zlin 143 aircraft

Orginal zlin 143 aircraft

the company have produced over 30000 such aircrafts and sold it in different countries. And the LTTE is not using it for a purpose that the designers never thought it would be used for. The modifications of th flight is as follows.

THe modifications of the Zlin 143 aircraft by the Tamil Tigers

THe modifications of the Zlin 143 aircraft by the Tamil Tigers

Since this is done the Tamil tigers have carried out few air raids which are unsuccessful with the deployment of Radar systems and anti aircraft guns. The srilankan government was using chines made F7 s effectively against the tigers and initially shot one down int the past few weeks.

But the tigers have placed a great treat for the security of srilanka with these aircrafts as they can easily carry a suicide mission with one of these aircrafts filled with explosives. Some thing similar to September 11 attack on the twin towers.

The following pictures shows the eastern sky of Colombo while the anti aircraft guns started firing to the Ltte aircrafts.

Colombo Skyies1

Colombo Skyies1

Colombo Skyies2

Colombo Skyies2

Colombo Skyies3

Colombo Skyies3

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Mora Soccer Makes History

The university of moratuwa football team won the second runners up on the this years inter university games held @ the university of Rajarata on the 3rd 4th and 5th of October. The team had a successively first round against university of South eastern and the university of Uva wellessa lost the semifinal to the university of Kelaniya. But wining the loosers final the team won the 3rd place of the tounament. And this was after 10 years that the Mora team bagged a major league victory.

Cheers 😀

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Condeming the LTTE attack on a public transport bus which killed one undergarduate and 21 others

Gemunu Rathnayake – a final year undergraduate of University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, has been killed on 05th of June, by an LTTE claymore mine explosion which took place near University of Moratuwa, Katubedda.(University of Moratuwa recently gained recognition for the highest participation in google summer of code 2008)

This is just a one killing carried out by terrorists. Another 20 civilians were also killed by this attack. Further more LTTE terrorists have been killed about 100 civilians from this january 2008. There were school students among the victims of these bomb attacks which targeted civilians.

In the recent months their have been many bye the LTTE attacks on public transport buses and trains which took lives of many civilians who had no involement on the military. LTTE is a ruthless terrorist organization fighting for a mono ethnic separate homeland for the Tamils in Sri Lanka since 1983. During 3 decades of its bloody terror war against Sri Lankan citizen it has killed tens and thousands of innocent civilians in village massacres, bus bombings, train bombings, suicide bombings. The LTTE is currently proscribed as a terrorist organization by 31 countries (see list).

So we are inviting all the people , all around the world , to condemn this barbarian killings by LTTE (One of the most dangerous TERRORIST organization in the world ).

This is how LTTE terrorists are violating human rights of Sri Lankan civilians. To have more inofrmation pleace visit Ministry of defence Srilanka

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The Adams Peak: Sacred to ALL

In the long week end this month few of us planned a journey to Sripada. And off we went to seek the adventure and the feeling of a mountain blessed by many according to there religions.

The Older men talk of there times about seven decades ago the way they climbed the mountain using the nominated but not cleared trail. Often they lost the way and fall in to tick jungle. As there were no steps build some had to climb via ropes. And all this was done only to get the blessing of worshiping. And the tails tell that many wrote their last will before the journey.

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