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Sri Lanka in One of its best times

It has been almost six months since the last post. Actually its was some eventful six months where the things changed rapidly.

First the srilankan armed forces completely destroyed the LTTE which was once a remarkable force. And all srilankans  (except for the Tamil diaspora) was jubiliant.

The president offically announced the defeat to LTTE

Then a Proposal to investicate war crimes by the srilankan state was doomed at the UNHRC.

Finally the srilankan president is popular than any other single human bean in the country. And he has grabed the oppertunity to leave srilanka for a better future.

finally the srilankan circket team has qualified for the world 20-20 semi finals.

Yet the real challenges the srilankan state faces remains …………………….

1) 300000 Tamil internally displaced people.

2) 20000 odd familes who have lost there loved ones.

3) the hatered , insecurity faced by the majority of srilankans

4) the barberous activities played by the so called politicians

5) bribary , theft and civil right vialations.

So we have a county in the making. And i guess the sileint majority will have to come forward. And we cant wait till the politicians do things for us. As the entire nation backed the armed struggle the next struggle is must bigger and much wider.

If  the real peace is to be achived srilankans together will have to take an active part in the rebuilding process.

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Fit Annual Cricket Tournament

The annual cricket tournament of the Faculty of Information Technology University of Moratuwa was held @ Mora grounds on last Sunday. Fourteen teams from the industry took part while the 12 teams form the faculty joined as well. This year a series of events was organized to celebrate the 7th anniversary of FIT & moving to a new state of art building. A multi religious ceremony , a Perith ceremony & an academic symposium was already conducted. The cricket match was the fourth.

The final event of the celebration will be held on the March 2009 with the exhibition “Unlocking Young Minds”

Suchinti Madame starting the Tounament with a wide ball

Suchinti Madame starting the Tounament with a wide ball

The tropies every one was willing to take home

The tropies every one was willing to take home

Moments ................

Moments …………….


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