LTTE :The Usage of Light aircrafts effectively

With the Srilankan army advancing further into the tiger heartland their have been the concern how far can the terrorist put on the stiff resistance they manged int he last few weeks. And they have had to turn their eyes and year to new tactics that can boost the moral of their carders.

In last few days much few attacks the LTTE tried failed miserably which contains the attack on cargo ships and the areal attack on Colombo. And in the last few months it was highlighted that the LTTE is turning their attention towards the aerial attacks with their lite aircrafts.

The Lttes air wing is equipped with at least 5 check made zlin 143 aircrafts.

Orginal zlin 143 aircraft

Orginal zlin 143 aircraft

the company have produced over 30000 such aircrafts and sold it in different countries. And the LTTE is not using it for a purpose that the designers never thought it would be used for. The modifications of th flight is as follows.

THe modifications of the Zlin 143 aircraft by the Tamil Tigers

THe modifications of the Zlin 143 aircraft by the Tamil Tigers

Since this is done the Tamil tigers have carried out few air raids which are unsuccessful with the deployment of Radar systems and anti aircraft guns. The srilankan government was using chines made F7 s effectively against the tigers and initially shot one down int the past few weeks.

But the tigers have placed a great treat for the security of srilanka with these aircrafts as they can easily carry a suicide mission with one of these aircrafts filled with explosives. Some thing similar to September 11 attack on the twin towers.

The following pictures shows the eastern sky of Colombo while the anti aircraft guns started firing to the Ltte aircrafts.

Colombo Skyies1

Colombo Skyies1

Colombo Skyies2

Colombo Skyies2

Colombo Skyies3

Colombo Skyies3

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Mora Soccer Makes History

The university of moratuwa football team won the second runners up on the this years inter university games held @ the university of Rajarata on the 3rd 4th and 5th of October. The team had a successively first round against university of South eastern and the university of Uva wellessa lost the semifinal to the university of Kelaniya. But wining the loosers final the team won the 3rd place of the tounament. And this was after 10 years that the Mora team bagged a major league victory.

Cheers 😀

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FIT at its new home

The first phase of a new state of the art building complex of the Faculty of Information technology has been completed and the faculty is moving to the new building late August. To mark this occasion and also to celebrate 7 years of bringing excellence in the filed of ICT education the Faculty is planning to hold a series of events comprising of a multi religious ceremony, a symposium and a cricket tournament.
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Mora Rugby – In best of its Times

Mora Rugby team repeated its glorious history by wining the 8th mora Rugby championships yesterday (the 12 of June). The championship was held at Mora grounds and this year Third years coloursman Amila captains the team.

Mora Rugby team defeated the University of Colombo in the cup semi finals and and came to the finals while the ACBT beat APIIT on an evenly contested match. For the Mora team it was a canter till the final. The final was as the same of the last year. The same teams qualified and with memories of last years defeat the ACBT was aiming for something big.

As soon as the match started the ACBT had a try which they failed to convert. But with the crowd behind them and in thier home ground the the men in black had other thoughts. And they made a quick try and conversion followed by another.  at half time it was 12 – 5 mora leading.

The next half stared as the ACBT made few changers in their game plan. And their fly half made a great run where he manged to escape two tackles made a fine try and converted. scores were level again.

Since this happened it was all mora and they took on the attack and finally with 3 minutes to spare the mora scored another try and converted it.  They also continued their journey till the end. Once the final vessel blew up it was all 19 – 12 Mora wining the championship.

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Condeming the LTTE attack on a public transport bus which killed one undergarduate and 21 others

Gemunu Rathnayake – a final year undergraduate of University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, has been killed on 05th of June, by an LTTE claymore mine explosion which took place near University of Moratuwa, Katubedda.(University of Moratuwa recently gained recognition for the highest participation in google summer of code 2008)

This is just a one killing carried out by terrorists. Another 20 civilians were also killed by this attack. Further more LTTE terrorists have been killed about 100 civilians from this january 2008. There were school students among the victims of these bomb attacks which targeted civilians.

In the recent months their have been many bye the LTTE attacks on public transport buses and trains which took lives of many civilians who had no involement on the military. LTTE is a ruthless terrorist organization fighting for a mono ethnic separate homeland for the Tamils in Sri Lanka since 1983. During 3 decades of its bloody terror war against Sri Lankan citizen it has killed tens and thousands of innocent civilians in village massacres, bus bombings, train bombings, suicide bombings. The LTTE is currently proscribed as a terrorist organization by 31 countries (see list).

So we are inviting all the people , all around the world , to condemn this barbarian killings by LTTE (One of the most dangerous TERRORIST organization in the world ).

This is how LTTE terrorists are violating human rights of Sri Lankan civilians. To have more inofrmation pleace visit Ministry of defence Srilanka

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Google summer of Code : A forum For young minds

So it has been a long while since the last post. well had too many work to deal with.

In the past time too important events past. One was the sinhala and hindu new year which I’m planing to write a separate article and the other was the Google summer of code.

Speaking of the Google summer of code it has been very interesting since it started. This is kind of a forum which brings hundreds of young developers together from all around the world. This anuual event allows open source development communities to become mentors for the students and provide ideas related to what they are planning to develop.

And by the end of summer the students can earn over 4500 $ with the successful completion of the project. This amount is a considered a very large amount in south east Asian countries. Apart form the money this event gets the newbies connected to the experts in the domain.


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The Adams Peak: Sacred to ALL

In the long week end this month few of us planned a journey to Sripada. And off we went to seek the adventure and the feeling of a mountain blessed by many according to there religions.

The Older men talk of there times about seven decades ago the way they climbed the mountain using the nominated but not cleared trail. Often they lost the way and fall in to tick jungle. As there were no steps build some had to climb via ropes. And all this was done only to get the blessing of worshiping. And the tails tell that many wrote their last will before the journey.

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The New year and the past year

It has been while to write some thing and unfortunately there was nothing new to write apart from the normal happenings.

The new year has bought a crisis to srilanka. ITs nothing other than the war that follows. But the worst case is the bombs the terrorists trigger targeting the civilians. This has mounted terror and tension in the lives of all srilankans. And in the past few weeks few buses were blown away and dosens were killed in these attacks.

And if you are some one to visit srilanks this is not the best of times to do that.  But the hope for a end is more certain as the forces keeps it tight in the north.

Well once i heard few people talking about srilanka becoming a former yugoslovia. But they are mistaken on that. Nothing as such apart from the bomb blasts takes place. And as  people are used to it they are more aware of certain dangers. There are not many issues as pointed. And the budhist civilization established here for 2500 years guarantees your human rights. We really don’t need it to be thought by few  who really don’t mean it in there land either.

This is a country which guarantees your freedom and your rights.

Its A new Begining : What will be there In the Year of 2008

It has been the end of an another year. A very short one for me how ever. What could be more. In the year of 2008. Will it be the turning point in the history of Srilanka. Will it bring peace to Srilanka 3 decade old crisis which has already taken tens and thousands of lives. The people are hope full and eagerly looking froward. And is it the beginning for another carnage that will displace thousands of people and many loosing there loved ones.

Sri Lanka Is hopeful.

9th Slug : A review

The 9th SLUG ended a while ago and it witnessed some good allround performance from the undergraduates.But apart from that it witnessed the terrible disorganization of the university of Kelanya Organizing Committee to which many player put their disgust. What we Found was that even the normal inter university Games are much more organized. Here is a little example of the organist’s. At the Football SLUG Championship For the matches that the other universities took part apart form university of kelaniya not a single official was present apart form the match referees and the players. Not a single check was held to certify whether they players represent the exact university. And the Funny thing was one of the officials Suddenly showed up and tried to make an arrangement to have 5 player exchange possible. This was crazy. And the teams objected and it didn’t happen. This was what sort of organizing.
So As a whole the students had their games and the Officials had their game: Once more An Another Typical Srilankan Sports arena.