MORA soccer Misfortune Continues

The MOra Soccer team which many well wishers expected to crown the SLUG this year failed for the third consecutive year. The team which had beaten University of Colombo(4-2 penalty), university of Ruhuna (2-0) and the university of Japura (1-0) in the recently held MOra Soccer 2007 and won the championship failed to continue there wining canter.
In the league of the SLUG 2007 the MORA s missed out in two matches which was drawn due to the misfortune in both scoring and the decisions of the referees where the next match where the weakest team beat them out of the tournament (south eastern university) where the scores remained 3-2

The frailer was mainly due to the faults of the shirker’s who failed in all the matchers where they put down a number of opportunities. And this was not many expected. The insult was added to the injury when the two scored goals where put down as fouls by the referees where many had questions.

The Coach added the following words at the disappointing tournament which revealed a a lot about Mora soccer where there is a combination of nationalities in the team. “United we stand , Departed we Fall” .

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