The Faculty of Information Technology

Information and Communication Technology has been rapidly expanding all over the world with increased ICT usage in all forms of day-to-day activities across many sectors. This unprecedented growth in the ICT industry has resulted in a widening gap between the supply of IT professionals and the available positions in the industry leading to a significant shortage of manpower. To address this issue at the national level, the Faculty of Information Technology, the first ever faculty of this kind in the Sri Lanka state university system, was established in June 2001. Without being discouraged by lack of resources both physical and human, the faculty commenced its academic activities with a batch of 47 students. In 2005, the intake was increased to 100 students.

The faculty has also started a postgraduate program in IT from early 2004 and few continuing professional development programs addressing the immediate needs of the local IT industry. The faculty will continue to develop and expand adapting to satisfy the ever changing needs of the IT industry to become an entity which both the students and the industry would look up to.

A new home

The first phase of a new state of the art building complex has been completed and we are moving to the new building late August. To mark this occasion and also to celebrate 7 years of bringing excellence in the filed of ICT education the Faculty is planning to hold a series of events comprising of a multi religious ceremony, a symposium and a cricket tournament.

The Multi religious Ceremony

The multi religious ceremony would comprise of an annual pirith chanting ceremony followed by an almsgiving to the Maha Sanga. This would be followed by the blessings from other religious leaders. The event would be attended by all students and members of the academic and non academic staff of the faculty as well as other key persons of the University. The event is held annually over the years to obtain the blessings of all the religions for the well being of the faculty and its members. The event epitomizes the unity and harmony among the students and staff belonging to various religions and races. This would be held within the new premises and would be the first activity of the schedule of events. The annex 1 provides more details of this event.

The Symposium

This is an academic conference followed by a dinner with the participation of both present and past students, members of staff and representatives from the industry.

The event is planned to be held at the faculty premises. Distinguished personalities representing Industries such as Telecom, IT, Banking will be participating in this event. This on one hand will be a boost the image of the Faculty and on the other hand it would be an opportunity for the students to get to know about opportunities and success stories in the field of IT as well as other industries. There will be key note speeches and demonstrations of great heights achieved by our students. The conclusion would be with an award felicitation ceremony.

The Cricket tournament

This is a six-a-side cricket tournament among members of the industry, the faculty students and the staff. The event will be a wonderful manifestation of the sporting spirits of the FIT community who will be stepping out in to the field of IT. The tournament is to be held at the University of Moratuwa grounds and the winners of the tournament would receive invaluable gifts and certificates apart from cherished memories.

Student mentoring program

This will be the felicitation and closing ceremony of the annual career mentoring program where awards and certificates are given for those who have successfully completed their mentoring program. The mentors will also be felicitated for their invaluable contributions.

Unlocking young minds – Exhibition

As the final event of the program the faculty looks forward in holding the Unlocking Young minds exhibition for the second consecutive year. The objective of this event is to provide an opportunity to allow students to display their capabilities to the general public and create a nation wide awareness on IT and its applications


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