It has been a while

Hi ;
Hi everybody it has almost been over a 6 months since the last post. Lot of things have happened since. The country the environment and myself has changed.

The LTTE is almost grounded. President Mahinda Rajapakshe won presidential elections against his rival General Fonseka after a political Drama. And the UPFA government has won the parliamentary elections by one of widest margins ever.

As the new year is closing by Sri lanka is ready for a new Era. But still there are unpredictable things.

Still after 11 months of the defeat to the tigers there are People still living in tents.
Stills the media men gets kidnapped in the day light.
And there are lots of signs we are moving to a dictatorship .

So lets look and wait.
(More Articles to follow)

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2 thoughts on “It has been a while

  1. We’ve got a few tamils rockin down our way -will you be joining them? Or will you help to re-build your communities where you are?

    • deco says:

      Rebuilding the nation is fine and that is the very reason why the UPFA government have won. But where is the so called democracy. I wish some one can give me one good reason why the media personnel are still been attacked. Something somewhere is not fair.

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