Carols Rockz UOM

A carol organized by the cathlic students movement of the univeristy of Moratuwa was held yersterday at the JG hall. The objective of this was to cellebrate the crismas & pray for the well being of the unversity. Students of all faculties took part in this event which was held around 6 pm to 7 pm.

The cathelic movement  is a studnet run society which organizes this event every year. The participation of the students was significant and many admired. It was not an exageration to say that students of all reliegons enjoyed this event.

Well done people

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6 thoughts on “Carols Rockz UOM

  1. Bhing says:

    It sounds to be so nice! The event see to be very fun and enjoyable.. All students from different religion was able to participate and enjoy the moment.. That’s good!

  2. technomicro says:

    hi, thnx for inspiring me… hope u get success

  3. Religion should not divede the people, religion should unite the people.
    It is nice to see people of different faith. Getting toghether in celebrating Christmas.

  4. Lydia says:

    It’s nice to know people of all faiths joined and celebrated the event. There’s no other way to achieve success than to bow down and pray. Cheers!

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