E-Begging modern trend for easy money

Begging is known as a profession of the less satisfied or the less privileged. Since the early civilizations, begging has existed in various forms. The crippled, the disabled and the older men and women who had no wealth and couldn’t earn there bread was thrown into the profession of begging. For many years in the central Asian countries the begging has established as a profession. For each town there exists a KING beggar. He is responsible for the dispatching of beggars in various locations on what quantity & what quality. And any one to beg in any place the permission had to be taken. Finally at the end of the day the beggars have to give him some portion of the earning. The king provides safety form the urban council plus the authorities through various mechanisms so the fee is reasonable. With the king in one end the beggars also had unions and groups of operation.

In addition the beggars have developed their own codes for message transferring. The objective of these messages was to identify and pinpoint certain people & places who are more generous. What time to approach them and when not to. So the history provides proof of the begging and its establishment as a profession.

Begging with the letter E in front

Today in the electronic era the begging does exist in many forms. And the beggars been more innovative in various forms have found a number of ways to beg. And the population moving into E Begging is not just the less privileged and the orphans but educated dudes in clean suits. So what is really e – Begging are the forms of e – Begging?

e – Begging

E begging is basically an any form of electronic mechanism of asking for money directly or indirectly. And the beauty is the beggars really don’t ask for money they ask for some thing else. What is that?

The forms of E – Begging

1.Google Addsence
2.Mass email delivering
3.Fake advertising and Back door information gathering
4.Hacking and software frauds

Though there are a number of other was the major way of doing a E- begging is Google addsence. So lets check how it has become a begging.

Most of the south Asian undergraduates are short of money and are seek of easy money. So who is providing it? Well the Google does it via providing ads where you will get paid for displaying them. How is that it becomes an E-begging.

What these boys do is they create some blog at a free blog posting site (eg: BlogSpot, Multiply). Then they add some content. What ever and put some content there. Now this becomes the story of the beggar. Now the Google has lots of algorithms to catch frauds. So how are you going to get the Job done. Pretty easy. Most of the mechanisms that Google catch you are known. So try to minimize chances of getting caught. This is how it’s done.

1.Get together with a group of bloggers. And post them your URL. They will return them a set of there blogs as well which you have to visit and drop clicks and page impressions. They will return the favor. This is similar to alliance with a set of baggers for the common benefit.

2.The second is the more straight forward and easiest. Use a chat engine which is not Google mail or Gtalk. Make new friends in different countries. Once they get a bit closer ask them to visit your blog and often drop they will clicks your adds. This is a decent request and the beggar enjoys a nice gain.

3.Have multiple sites for multiple areas. Every hot topic will earn you some thing. It’s like a beggar visiting Hindu temples at the ceremony days for a free meal. So the ea beggar is the same.

4.Joining a king e-Begger. This is joining a full time addsence blogger. Usually these types of bloggers own few sites with huge traffic. The king will provide you some traffic and specially good rate of clicks which no pattern. And he will charge a rate based on the earnings. Hmm remembers the traditional king beggar.

So don’t the e- beggars get caught? Don’t they have their accounts frozen? Of course they do. But don’t you often see the same beggar caught by the police after a while appears in the same place or a place nearby. It’s common for the e- beggars too. Though they are often caught this is easy money. Two hours a day will get you enough living. So why don’t you continue. After all in the Internet creating false identity is nothing. And you won’t get imprisonment for doing so. In addition you have a 6 billion dollar company waiting to pay you.

Some times It’s a privilege to be an E-beggar. But some times there are few better ways. Often we find old men who do small sales in the pavement of a road or a station. They may sell some small items, a match box or some coffee packets to cover up. These items are costly than in the retail shops but the generous men buy them as a help. This provides them a more recognition and respect.
I would like to put my self to the latter. Who provides something valuable to the reader? Not just a click or a page impression.

(This article is based on the article published by Mr BSPDR karuanarathne. Any author who wishes to use this work should obtain written permission from the author)

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5 thoughts on “E-Begging modern trend for easy money

  1. chanux says:

    Looks like the author is a loser. 😛

  2. myraine says:

    This is such an amazing story.

  3. tikno says:

    I think the beggar problem also exists here, in Indonesia. They are well organized by bad person who exploit his/her own fellow. Government should overcome the actor behind these social problem.

  4. aries33 says:

    I’m sorry to disagree about your e-beggar issue. Bloggers do post their opinion and ideas in return for some dollars, beggars just sit at the corner and ask for pity.
    If you have an intellectual content and shares it to the public, is it not reasonable enough to ask for some credit?
    Adsense and other sponsors do pay not because we ask them for alms, we are paid because of our ideas and creativity.
    Whatever we do in the internet, bad or good, those multi-billion dollar company earns because of the traffic they get from us, and that is also the reason for some blogger to think any possible to have even a share from the kill.
    If you believe in your post, it is your right, but it may lead me to think that google, yahoo, msn are the giant beggars of all.

  5. nethdeco says:

    Yer its true and ok to have some thing for the creativity, But what most of the guys do is wrap some shit and post it. Then ask the others to visit the page and drop cliks. Thats a kind of begging.

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