Google summer of Code : A forum For young minds

So it has been a long while since the last post. well had too many work to deal with.

In the past time too important events past. One was the sinhala and hindu new year which I’m planing to write a separate article and the other was the Google summer of code.

Speaking of the Google summer of code it has been very interesting since it started. This is kind of a forum which brings hundreds of young developers together from all around the world. This anuual event allows open source development communities to become mentors for the students and provide ideas related to what they are planning to develop.

And by the end of summer the students can earn over 4500 $ with the successful completion of the project. This amount is a considered a very large amount in south east Asian countries. Apart form the money this event gets the newbies connected to the experts in the domain.


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2 thoughts on “Google summer of Code : A forum For young minds

  1. appesmege says:

    Hello my friends 🙂

  2. pwsydnhwlx says:

    4BazZ4 wtebjkugpvtv, [url=]oorljjnfiogo[/url], [link=]mbiobyeyhdvx[/link],

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