The New year and the past year

It has been while to write some thing and unfortunately there was nothing new to write apart from the normal happenings.

The new year has bought a crisis to srilanka. ITs nothing other than the war that follows. But the worst case is the bombs the terrorists trigger targeting the civilians. This has mounted terror and tension in the lives of all srilankans. And in the past few weeks few buses were blown away and dosens were killed in these attacks.

And if you are some one to visit srilanks this is not the best of times to do that.  But the hope for a end is more certain as the forces keeps it tight in the north.

Well once i heard few people talking about srilanka becoming a former yugoslovia. But they are mistaken on that. Nothing as such apart from the bomb blasts takes place. And as  people are used to it they are more aware of certain dangers. There are not many issues as pointed. And the budhist civilization established here for 2500 years guarantees your human rights. We really don’t need it to be thought by few  who really don’t mean it in there land either.

This is a country which guarantees your freedom and your rights.


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