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9th Slug : A review

The 9th SLUG ended a while ago and it witnessed some good allround performance from the undergraduates.But apart from that it witnessed the terrible disorganization of the university of Kelanya Organizing Committee to which many player put their disgust. What we Found was that even the normal inter university Games are much more organized. Here is a little example of the organist’s. At the Football SLUG Championship For the matches that the other universities took part apart form university of kelaniya not a single official was present apart form the match referees and the players. Not a single check was held to certify whether they players represent the exact university. And the Funny thing was one of the officials Suddenly showed up and tried to make an arrangement to have 5 player exchange possible. This was crazy. And the teams objected and it didn’t happen. This was what sort of organizing.
So As a whole the students had their games and the Officials had their game: Once more An Another Typical Srilankan Sports arena.


MORA misses out the Basket Ball championship : SLUG 2007

The university of Moratuwa Mens basketball team missed out a Golden opportunity to crown the SLUG chamoionship when they were beatedn by the University of Colombo in an evenly conteseted Match held at the University of Kelaniya .

History Repeats: MORA Hockey Team Wins the Hockey championship – SLUG 2007

MORA hockey team comprehensively beaten the Univercity of Rajarata in the Hockey finals held yersterday5th November at the Keaniya Univercity grounds. The final score remained 3-0 after a tied  first half which ended with the scores 1-0.

But many people considered the semi final between University of Colombo and MOra as the most competitive match played where a stroke form number 9 of University of Moratuwa separated the two in an evenly contested game.

MORA soccer Misfortune Continues

The MOra Soccer team which many well wishers expected to crown the SLUG this year failed for the third consecutive year. The team which had beaten University of Colombo(4-2 penalty), university of Ruhuna (2-0) and the university of Japura (1-0) in the recently held MOra Soccer 2007 and won the championship failed to continue there wining canter.

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