Monthly Archives: August 2007

A terrible Week

Well it has been a frightening week. So much work to do. I mean you cant have a better week where you have one Presentation & a mid semester exam on the same day a a reportreagrding the independence study on the following day & catch up work on sumaries. Well don’t forget you have Lecters form morning to evening & some other meeting regarding student matters as well. the Industial placement & training interview calls & mind it we are a fortnight away form our end semister exam. 😥 this cant be worst.

Or dear im spending too much time on the forum. Time to run

BYE. (untill beter times )


Its Time to look back

It has been two & half years & the university. Time has passed by & now we are in our level III .Only a month away from the level III semester I exam. Time has rushed out so fast that i remember every thing as i was the day before. the friends the batch the faculty has become a family with this time.

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